Why wait to celebrate?

Today is New Year’s Eve 2014! Congratulations on another year, (I hope…)

photo credit: www.presentermedia.com

photo credit: www.presentermedia.com

Did 2014 work out according to plan? Well, did you have a plan to begin with? If you did and are pleased with your results, I say again CONGRATULATIONS! Even if you didn’t, as long as you had a plan and gave it your all, you should celebrate…

There is something incredible powerful that goes with celebration. If you are constantly striving, constantly straining, and never slowing down to celebrate THEN WHAT’S THE POINT? You could be the most productive person on the planet but if you never stop to notice, how will you ever recognize the impact you are making? On the flip-side, if 2014 was less than memorable, what can you do to deliberately alter your trajectory for 2015?

There is a balance between getting things done and celebrating along the way. Too much of either can be an unhealthy, but we have to start somewhere. The primary purpose of this post is to celebrate NOW….don’t wait until the ball drop tonight, CELEBRATE NOW!

Celebration reminds you of the things you accomplished this year. Celebration is shared with those you love, trust and admire. Celebration boosts confidence and provides encouragement that is vitally necessary to keep pacing down the road of life. You have to celebrate the small victories if you hope to sustain the strength to fight the larger battles that lie ahead.

What did you in 2014? Might I suggest making a list (go ahead and do it now!) Start with January and list each month on a sheet of paper. This might even be fun! What happened each month that was worth a celebration? You might not have paid much attention in the moment, but now is the time to reflect. Remember, what gets rewarded will most certainly get repeated! Put your thinking cap on and record at least one event from each month in 2014. Refer to this as your CELEBRATION LIST! Who knows, this might just be a tradition you will want to repeat?

You know that tonight will be crazy! Wherever you are in the world, there will be a large celebration going on in some capacity. Is there anything or anyone that says you have to wait until tonight to celebrate 2014?  The decision is your’s but as long as you make it a point to celebrate YOUR small victories of 2014, you will wake up fresh tomorrow and ready to conquer a new year!