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If you’re like me and travel consistently for business, it is often hard to execute your workouts. Am I right?

Since August of last year, my schedule has been particularly travel heavy. I am a platform speaker and financial services coach and cover most of the eastern seaboard. I have been as far north as Akron, OH. I’ve been west to Midland, TX; east to Charleston, SC and as far south as Tampa, FL. I have learned an incredibly valuable lesson in this time that I would like to share. Even if you don’t travel for a living, you will still find value in these words.

Without fail, I have always been able to find a YMCA. I was a bit curious as the origin of this organization when writing this post so I did a little research if you’d like to see.

What I have discovered is that most facilities have lap pools (not always the best temperature for distance swimming) adequate cardio equipment for cross-training purpose; and some even have spin bikes to simulate cycling outdoors. In the last 8 months, not only have I not missed out on my weekly workouts I have developed a new “on the road routine” that I love. Do you know that I recently saw a sign in the Evansville, IN YMCA that advertised an indoor triathlon?

The Y is all you need to stay focused, disciplined and on track in the middle of the week. Sure, you can use your heavy travel schedule as an excuse for not training, but if you just put forth effort to do some research in the particular area you are traveling..YOU MIGHT JUST BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

So I say here’s to you YMCA….”A ROAD WARRIOR’S RETREAT!”

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