Weekend Warrior

AID STATION: Today is Saturday and I’m going to encourage you to push yourself a little harder on this particular day. You have been consistent in your build these last 3 weeks and I now I want to challenge you to see what your inner-warrior can really do.

Let me start with my logic. I want you to dig a little deeper today because you can. When I say “can” I am not referring to your physical ability, that much is obvious. You “can” because you have more time to recover. You don’t have to the normal constraints of the week imposed upon you today. Think of it like this…You can push harder today because you can rest longer today.

You have experienced significant gain up to this point. You are on a path, but today I want you to stray. Rather than doing your regularly scheduled workout, I want you to unleash the Warrior within!

Do something crazy today…If you are scheduled for a 3 mile run, tack on 5 minutes of stairs at the end. If you are planning on walking with a group of friends, consider increasing your pace to a slight jog. If your workout calls for a 30 minute elliptical trainer session, do 40 minutes.

It doesn’t matter how, just do it…go deeper today and I promise you that your body will love you for it (that is after you recovery!)


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