“To Go” please!

I love to run, if not just for the physical exertion, I love the thinking time that comes along. I typically listen to podcasts while I run and today was no exception. My playlist includes church sermons from various pastors across the country. I also like to listen to leadership podcasts covering topics from personal development to productivity to positive thinking.

Running is also how I “read” books. Thanks to modern technology, we have the ability to take our learning to go! I have consumed some incredible material over the last 3 months, all while turning my legs over and over!

Running and reading go hand in hand if you think about it. One of my favorite statements is that “leaders are readers” and “readers are leaders.” The ironic thing about this statement is that running fits very easily into this fold. I have found that leaders are high energy people that often get started very early in the morning.

Are you a leader with a lot on your plate? I wonder if running would allow you to become more efficient during the early part of your day? Think killing 2 birds with one stone!

What do you currently listen to while you run?

AID STATION: Running + iTunes = Personal growth both physically and intellectually! Give it a try.


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    • Tim, considering where I came from, running is a reminder of how lucky I am to be alive! Running brings me so much pleasure. It hurts yes, but the pain is in direct proportion to my effort. I tend to do most of my runs above my lactate threshold, so I tend to perform anaerobically 75% of the time. The endorphins that come from high intensity efforts keep me coming back for more!
      How about you…how did you come to love running so much?