The Thrill!

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Time to Rock!

Time to Rock!








Race week is here! Gosh, it’s been far too long since I’ve uttered those words! The thrill of a new season is upon us all…AIN’T IT GREAT!

On Friday, my wife and I will make the trip to New Orleans for the NOLA 70.3 on Sunday. This race is particularly memorable for me in light of the occasion. This weekend we will celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary and I could not be more excited. So that’s my situation but now I would love to hear yours.

When and where are you racing this early part of the season?

Are you prepared both mentally and physically?

Are you pleased with your training over the last few weeks?

What’s working well? What is something that you will do differently after your first race?

Do you have your nutrition dialed in? What does that look like (hydration, liquid or solid calories?)

I just can’t help myself, I’m like a kid in a candy store. I feel like this is Christmas week and the best gift you could give me is your shared enthusiasm! I know you’re excited, you may even be a bit nervous BUT AIN’T IT GREAT?! Your first race has kept you motivated, it has kept your head in the game. Your first race compelled you to train through this exceptionally cold winter. GET EXCITED 🙂

Whatever happens in your first race this year, just remember that you will be celebrating the blood, sweat and tears you have worked so hard to turn out since the last time you crossed the line.

I’m cheering for ya’!

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      • This Year is stage 1 of my Triathlon training, so, I’m training endurance for the first open water swim in Windermere in June. I completed the pool 5k in just under 79mins, 3rd in the pool, after 2 whizzy kiddies. I’m working on the bike, aiming to be up to 15miles a day by the end of the summer. By then hopefully the walk with the dog will have turned into a jog. To be fit enough to complete a triathlon is, at the moment, a distant dream, so I’ll help at the local triathlon at the end of April to see how the team gets on.