The Secret

AID STATION: We have discussed the necessary steps for accomplishing your physical fitness goals in 2014. First you made a decision to change. Next you developed a plan and purchased a journal to track progress. You then made a commitment to stick to your plan even when you don’t “feel” like doing it. You told someone and made yourself accountable. Lastly, you set realistic expectations. This combination of steps is “your secret” and now it is time to execute!

Here is another one of my favorite quotes:

“The secret to overnight success….slow, steady effort one day at a time!”

The irony in this statement is that there is NO such thing as overnight success. And for that matter, you might as well stop comparing yourself to others. Chances are when evaluating your own physical progress you will look to those who are more accomplished and be tempted to feel discouraged. Here’s the thing, you cannot compare your start to someone else’s middle. You cannot compare your “behind-the-scenes” to someone else’s “highlight reel.” Overnight success is a lie, so stop thinking its possible.

Work hard, recover. Work hard, recover. Work hard, recover…CELEBRATE! (Repeat until you reach your destination…then make it a lifestyle!)



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