The Myth of Maybe

AID STATION: I often wonder where the word “maybe” came from. It’s not a “yes” and it’s not a “no” so what is it really? When it comes to exercise, a “maybe” represents a non-action. Please resist the urge to “maybe” your exercise plan today. Nothing good can come from a mindset that is not committed. Remember this MAYBE = LAZY…

Have you thought this one through? First of all, let me ask how often you use this word? Im not saying you have to be intentional about all things in life, BUT I AM SAYING that you must forget “maybe” on things that matter most.

By now, you have reminded yourself how important your physical endurance is. You have done some things different for a change and have reaped a certain level of benefit. I hope that your physical progress has fueled your conviction. I don’t know about you but the most disciplined people I know are also the most convicted.

So we’ve agreed that “maybe” is a non-answer, now let’s find a suitable replacement…

Today, do you feel like exercising? This is not a multiple choice question and it certainly leaves no room for interpretation. Answer the question with a resounding YES or NO. If your answer is YES, well get going. If your answer is NO…get going anyway 🙂Unknown-4

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