The Magic of Mistakes

You will never be content confined to the comfort of familiarity. 

Last week I wrote on the subject of thinking less and doing more. By no means was I suggesting reckless actions without giving thought to potential consequences, but rather avoiding “over-thinking.”

When it comes to making and achieving lasting change, you know there are certain activities that you must pursue. You also know that there are certain activities that you must leave behind. You know that you cannot continue to do the same things over and over and expect a different result.

Miracles can and do happen but it would certainly help if you move in order to make it part of your day. So what might you ask is the magic of mistake making? Well I’m glad you asked!

Mistakes are magic, The more you make the faster you will learn. The faster you learn the better you will become. The better you become the quicker you can help others, in turn, process the path you just traveled.

Good, better, best: never let it rest. Until your good gets better and your better is best. Good becomes better and better best only when you are willing to make mistakes AND NEVER REST!