The Gift that will NEVER stop giving…

Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

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By now you are either gathered (or preparing to gather) with those people whom you most love and adore. Your family is the essence of love and adoration and I wish you the very best of Christmas celebrations.

I have spent the last 2 weeks defining for you the path to purpose. Tomorrow is a very significant day in the lives of billions of people all over the world. The day marks the birth of Jesus Christ, our God who came to earth for a short period of ¬†time to fulfill His purpose. Jesus knew exactly what His purpose was and He lived it each and every day…

I struggle often with my sense of purpose. I follow my feelings more than I should and ignore the desires that are closest to my heart. The path to purpose is one that I crafted to benefit my own life as much those whom I seek to serve. I genuinely hope that you have found value in these blog posts and that you have walked the path beginning with Potential that has led you to Purpose.

So today, in honor of the Christmas holiday I want to ask you to view your Purpose (whatever you have determined it to be) as the best gift that you could ever receive. Now that you have found your purpose, you can begin to live the life you were created for and that is something that will never stop giving!