The Art of Losing Yourself

Could you imagine living in a world that valued above all things, second place? What if we were raised to believe that our primary purpose was to serve others? I guess if this were the case there would be no reason for me to write this post…

Yes, there truly is an art to losing your self. Remember, we would never have to lose ourselves if our focus was in alignment from the beginning. Sadly popular statements such as “second-place is the first loser” and “second place sucks” point to the reality of this universally held belief. Before I proceed I would like for you to contemplate the following definition of humility:

A life dedicated to the service of others is a life well worth living. A life firmly focused on self will only lead to frustration, disappointment, regret and shame. If we all bought in to this simple philosophy there would be no reason to focus on self.

OK, now let’s get practical.

Here are a few suggestions for redirecting your focus to the sincere well-being of your neighbor:

1. Talk less, listen more.

2. Ask open ended questions.

3. Carry an extra dollar in your pocket every day.

4. Give recognition in its proper place.

5. Deflect credit to a less obvious source.

6. Become a volunteer.

7. Tell your spouse one thing each day that results in a smile.

8. Open the door for someone behind you.

9. Begin a “gratitude journal.”

10. Develop a personal mission statement that reflects the best interests of others.