Tell Somebody

AID STATION: Misery loves company, right? So why fight it…invite someone into your own “pain cave!” The more people that know, the more you will grow!

Ok, all kidding aside…you will experience some level of pain on your new journey. You have committed yourself to change therefore you have put yourself out of your comfort zone. I have congratulated you to no end, but you are the one who is living it. I do not take this lightly, because I was there. My physical transformation did not occur overnight, but slowly over the course of 7 years.

So let me share a bit more from my personal story. During the first week of my recovery, I was visited by many of my friends. One friend in particular had just competed in a triathlon and began sharing the experience. From what I heard that day in my living room in 2006, I knew I wanted to do one as well. I told my friend that day (in all my weakness) that I would do a triathlon before the year was over.

The magic of my bold statement in that very moment is that NOW I WAS ACCOUNTABLE! Now, I had another reason to accomplish this feat…to make good on my word. The fact that I told someone increased my conviction even more so. My recovery was painfully slow but eventually I got to the point where I could swim, then bike and eventually run. 

And guess what…roughly 90 days later, I competed in my very first triathlon. Why? I was held accountable and I have not looked back since!

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