What Gives?

Have you noticed the buzz that has been stirring these last several weeks concerning interest rates? Each Tuesday the Federal Reserve meets to contemplate strategy. Interest rates have been at all time historic lows now almost 5 years. This has proven to be incredibly effective in jumpstarting our economy after the sub-prime meltdown and market […]

World Class: “why not?”

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. It doesn’t matter how insignificant you feel your role on this earth is, BE GREAT AT IT. If you are an assistant to a mid-level manager, make sure that manager feels like he could run through a brick wall! If you are a top level executive at […]


AID STATION: Above all else, to whatever extent necessary, DO NOT QUIT. You have no idea what rests on the other side of this moment. Endurance is built, not born so do not abandon your progress. Your treasure may lie in tomorrow…. This week began with Martin Luther King Jr Day. The nation stopped to […]