It’s Ok to NOT be Ok

The Value of Vulnerability

Who do you think you are? AND WHO IS THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPRESS? Take it from me my friend, you are not perfect but guess what…NEITHER AM I! Can you open your mind (just for a moment) to the freedom of this simple statement:     “Its ok to not be ok.”   […]

Validation and Value

As human beings, we are social creatures by nature. We have needs that shape our values. We all have a story that is dying to be shared…. At the core of personal value is the need to be understood. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs this need comes just behind that of survival. The need to […]

Recycled Running Shoes

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. If you’re like me, you give up on your running shoes way too soon. Up until now, I would’ve said that that was bad thing… The fact of the matter is that running shoes today are very well-made and can easily last for up to 1,000 miles. […]

Finish Strong…

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman. Today is the last day of April so let me ask you one simple question: “How are you going to remember this month at the end of the year?”” No matter how the first 29 days have gone, you are now in position to finish strong! If […]