The Secret to a Smile

Its Not What You Think....

Do you consider yourself a funny person? When you are out with friends, are you the one sharing all the stories? Would it be safe to say that more often than not, you are the center of attention? If so, then why? Yes, why? Have you taken the time to consider why other people find […]

It’s Ok to NOT be Ok

The Value of Vulnerability

Who do you think you are? AND WHO IS THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPRESS? Take it from me my friend, you are not perfect but guess what…NEITHER AM I! Can you open your mind (just for a moment) to the freedom of this simple statement:     “Its ok to not be ok.”   […]


Life is not a solo journey… The best laid plans will fail¬†without consistent input from friends and family. You may feel like you are smarter, stronger, more capable and that others are often nothing more than distractions. I am confident that my life at this point would not as meaningful without my community. Taking this […]