Protein or Carbs?

Do you know the primary difference between protein and carbohydrate? For that matter, do you know the purpose of each energy source? Each most definitely has its place in your daily diet, but do you know the correct proportions to match your needs? Protein is found in meats, fish, nuts and dairy and serves the […]

Art on the plate!

My wife is an artist, yet she cannot even so much as draw a stick figure! My wife is brilliant with colors, her imagination is a thing of beauty and her ability to craft a presentation is picturesque… Are you scratching your head yet?! Ok, no more talking…time to start showing: This was a dinner […]

Grow your own…

Does the idea of growing your own food scare you or entice you? If you are somewhat intrigued with this concept I am here to assure you that if I can do it, ANYONE can do it! What you see here, is okra that we grew in our garden! Isn’t it beautiful…we’re certainly proud! Okra […]

Food, think “Fuel”

I consider myself EXTREMELY fortunate to be married to a sports-specific dietician. I know, I know…I’ve pretty much got it made so let me share a valuable lesson that she has taught me. Cool? Here it goes: “There is no such thing as bad food except that which is old and moldy.” Yep, that’s it…sounds […]