Not Your Average Kitchen!

This post is rated Olympians and Ironman. Did you know that Powerbar has a mobile kitchen??? As a matter of fact I am quite certain that GU, Gatorade, Bonk Breakers and Ironman Perform do so as well. The endurance nutrition market today is GIGANTIC and these companies have positioned themselves in a way to capture […]

Race day for 70.3/Ironman

This post is rated Ironman.             Part III of III in the Race Day Preparation series: The longer the distance, the more mental the focus becomes. Anyone can go out for an hour and race at a breakneck pace. With a minimal amount of training, most people can complete an […]

Cook it Up…

AID STATION: As you are probably aware of by now, food is just as important to your fitness as exercise. I hope that your taste buds have changed a bit and that you no longer crave foods of convenience. You have been disciplined enough to plan your workouts, so let me encourage you also to […]

Find Your Fun!

AID STATION: If you have any hope of staying the course, you must find fun along the way! I highly recommend that you take the mundane and spin it in a creative way that makes you laugh. You are running, swimming, biking, cross-training and weight lifting your way to a new you. You have experienced […]

Sometimes it sucks…

AID STATION: Your body won’t always agree with your exercise plan. Your mind is an incredibly powerful machine. It is fully capable of telling (not asking) your body how to respond. But, there will be days when your body will fight against you. I’m not endorsing reckless activity, but I am saying there’s a difference […]

Arch Nemesis or Advantage?

AID STATION: No matter where you are in your life at this very moment, you have experienced adversity in some form or fashion. Perhaps you have suffered a broken bone or were involved in a car accident? Maybe you were born with one leg longer than the other and now walk with a limp. Sadly, […]

Are You Nervous?

AID STATION: Guess what, you are SO close to that magic number…Are you scratching your head wondering what the heck I am referring to? Today is the eve of your 21 day mark. The magic of 21, experts say is the point of no return. You have committed yourself to a new physical routine and […]

Scurry through the Stress

What does stress look like in your life right? Is it circumstantial or is it consistent? Does it happen at a particular time or does it come and go? Here is what Webster has to say about stress: “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.” Seems pretty accurate […]

Tricky “Tip”

I wanted to share some “insider-information” with all you early morning runners out there! Well, let me open this up to a broader group. For those of us who prefer to run on the road as opposed to the sidewalk, this tip is for you too! Visualize with me for a moment a 4 lane […]

“To Go” please!

I love to run, if not just for the physical exertion, I love the thinking time that comes along. I typically listen to podcasts while I run and today was no exception. My playlist includes church sermons from various pastors across the country. I also like to listen to leadership podcasts covering topics from personal […]

Great Expectations

AID STATION: The single most important piece of advice that I could offer when it comes to physical goals is to be realistic! When it comes to transforming your body, there is no such thing as overnight success. Look at any accomplished endurance athlete and you will notice a common theme. Ryan Hall, Michael Phelps, […]

Tell Somebody

AID STATION: Misery loves company, right? So why fight it…invite someone into your own “pain cave!” The more people that know, the more you will grow! Ok, all kidding aside…you will experience some level of pain on your new journey. You have committed yourself to change therefore you have put yourself out of your comfort […]

Commitment is Key

AID STATION: You are on a roll, no time to stop now. You have made a conscious decision to change your physical fitness. You have created an exercise plan and may have even asked a friend to join you. Now comes COMMITMENT time. Commitment is crucial, so COMMIT NOW TO DOING WHATEVER IT TAKES…WHATEVER IT […]

How Will You Do It?

AID STATION: Ok, you’ve made a decision and you’ve developed an incredible “why?” Now its time to develop a plan. Your plan is the path that will move you from where you are now to where you want to be. Your plan will serve as your daily method of operation. Your plan is the foundation […]