Today’s post is part 3 of a 10 part series, “10 Surrender Strategies

You just had an incredible conversation with God and are fully relaxed. Feels pretty good, huh?! Ok, its time to get on to the next thing…

Sweat is SO sweet!  Stinky, nasty, smelly yes, BUT sensational in its own right. Now, just to clear the record (so you don’t think I am totally out of my mind) its not the actual sweat itself but the activity that causes it! What I’m trying to say is that exercise is essential and there is no way (nor should there be) around it. This would be the one strategy in the series that can be taken out of sequence. If you’re a lunch time exerciser or prefer to do it after dinner, no trouble but make sure you get it done. The reason I include it as the 3rd strategy is the result of personal experience. I have always done my sweating first thing in the morning for 2 primary reasons, but you can take them or leave them: 1. There are less distractions and 2. My willpower tends to be highest in the morning. There, that’s it nothing magical or mysterious so you choose what works best for you!

There is something incredibly powerful psychologically that results from sweat. I’m not saying its fun to think about sweating no more than I am driving to the gym anticipating the pain you are about to put your body through. DO IT ANYWAY, ultimately it will get easier and you will start to see results. Once you find your groove, you will find that sweat is intoxicating and addictive (in a positive way of course!) Your sweating will allow you to perform at an optimal level in the others areas of life as well.

Remember, the enemy is not surrender but perfection. This series is centered on distinct strategies to strengthen your ability to surrender. Your pursuit of perfection is the obstacle, the stumbling block. Physical activity will serve to balance your energy so that you can make better decisions by avoiding emotional extremes. Relaxation, prayer and now physical activity are the foundation for what lies ahead. These techniques will open your eyes to your own imperfection and cause you to re-think your actions that might say otherwise.

Sweat early, sweat often and see how sweet surrender can be!