Summer’s Here!

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As I started my Sunday morning brick workout, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about the significance of the day. I was carrying some extra emotion considering that it was my first Father’s Day! What I wasn’t thinking about at 5:45am but was quickly reminded (before my first mile) that yesterday was the first official day of summer! Despite the intense humidity that made my training session tougher, I love the summer season!

Longer days have a way of extending my gratitude. As I open my eyes each morning (now it happens to be around 4:30 due to 3 week old babies) the sun is beginning to show its glorious face. Sure it gets hot very quickly, but its a classic sign of the season. Summer brings optimism about the immediate foreseeable future because summer is full of opportunity!

You probably have more time, you certainly have more daylight. Your schedule is more likely to accommodate new patterns, changes in routine and discovery. Your sense of adventure is higher and you are also more likely to try new things. With this mindset in tact, you have what it takes to chase your purpose. As you know, I have been writing a lot lately about the process of pursuing your purpose. You also understand my stance on perfection. The summer season is encouraging and filled with possibilities. You understand that your path will not be perfect, but it must be intentional.

I am reminded of an old James Taylor song which inspired the title of this post. In his song “Summer’s Here” Taylor sings Summer’s Here, it suits me fine. It may rise or shine but I don’t mind. Its my favorite time of the year and I’m glad that it’s here.” If summer is the season where your open-mindedness and flexibility are both highest then why not stop your settling and start your searching? Why not throw your security in same to the wind and set out on that daring adventure that will lead you out of your comfort zone? It may not work out according to your plan…keep going and eventually it will. Summer is here and its fine time for you (and me) to pursue what it is that our passion guides us to.