Success vs. Significance

Today is part 5 of a 5 Part series, “Master Your Mind.”

Happy Friday everyone! This, my friends, is my absolute favorite post in the series so get ready to be rocked!

There is incredible power in imperfection, but its full effect will never be realized until we all reach the same conclusion. Considering the fact that this will never happen (after all, we live in an imperfect world) on a collective front, that does not prevent you from finding significance. Allow to me explain further…

You have heard me say in the past weeks that perfection is not the goal of life. You have also heard my feelings that pursuing perfection will lead you to pain and heartache. Equally so on the opposite front, I have made my case for the value of purpose. I want to take one last angle on the importance of purpose in this post and the subject matter is that of significance.

There is a profound difference between success and significance and I cannot think of a better person to articulate this for you than John Maxwell. So let me get myself out of the way and let you listen directly to the source!