Step 6: Purpose!

And now for the moment, you have eagerly waited for…the 6th and final step in the PURPOSE process:

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Have you ever heard that “life is not a destination, but a journey?” Then again, does your life feel like a journey on the path to your calling? The thing I love about the “journey” is that it is a process.

For the last 7 days we have been looking at “The Problem With Perfect.” There have been 6 distinct steps in a process to finding purpose. There is no such thing as “perfect” yet we plan our lives as if there were. Our plans are what we make them, but we often fail to include margin. I think we know this intuitively but our calendars don’t always reflect it. Our lives are not static, things change and interruptions occur.

The primary problem with “perfect” is that the impossibility often paralyzes our step #6: PURPOSE. The sooner we can embrace the imperfection in our lives and believe that its ok to not always be ok, the easier it will be to find our PURPOSE.

There is nothing wrong with starting over and repeating the POTENTIAL-PURSUIT-PAIN-PERSEVERANCE-PASSION-PURPOSE wherever it is you are in life. Starting over is evidence that “perfect” does not exist.

Your purpose today might not be the same 10 years from now. Your purpose today is likely different than it was 5 years ago. The point is, it’s fine to (start over, fail, start over, fail) BUT it’s not fine to accept failure as final and give up on your path to PURPOSE.

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