Step 5: Passion

Welcome back, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Today is step #5 of our 6 part PURPOSE series:

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

If (and when) you make it to this step, you are most definitely on the “home stretch!” It is not easy to persevere which is why the majority of the world settles for the status quo. The path of least resistance is always easier to find.

Perseverance is the path to step #5. This path is not wide, it is not illuminated and certainly does not come with GPS! When you struggle, when you fight, when you overcome your character benefits. On the other side of explosive character development is PASSION!

PASSION is the final step on your way to PURPOSE. Passion is intoxicating not only for yourself but for those around you. I am confident that you remember those in your past that lived with passion. Nothing seemed to bother or inhibit forward progress for these few passionate people. People who live with passion have no care for what the world thinks. People who live with passion live everyday for all its worth. People who live with passion do what they love and absolutely love what they do.

Do you get my drift? Your PASSION is waiting…PERSEVERE AND HAVE IT!

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