Step 3: Pain

Post #3 of a 6 part series, hot off the press!

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

We are now halfway to our destination of PURPOSE. Yesterday we spoke about the PURSUIT of POTENTIAL. We agreed that practice is essential for developing talent. The PURSUIT is up to you but the outcome is not! Things don’t always go as planned and unfortunately, this is the step that leads to PAIN.

Welcome to the most unpleasant step of the PURPOSE JOURNEY: PAIN.

PAIN can take on many sizes, shapes and forms. Not only do we experience physical PAIN when our bodies suffer, but we also run into spiritual and emotional PAIN as we pursue our potential. Setbacks, disappointments, failures are all included in this “thing” called life. You cannot avoid it, so don’t even try.

Pain is certainly a matter of what happens to you when you pursue. You chase, you dream, you plan, you pursue but pain crashes your party.

What do you do with your PAIN; you know it can be a great teacher? It’s not comfortable, it’s not convenient…

The great thing about PAIN is that it introduces you to your true self. Overcoming PAIN and conquering controversy will do more for your character than endless hours of textbooks study. When you are living your life large and outside the lines, PAIN will most definitely find you.

Think about the PAIN you have experienced in your PURSUIT of POTENTIAL. How did you handle it? Based on what you’ve read in this post, how WILL you handle it?

There are essential 2 ways to deal with PAIN in life:

1. PERSEVERANCE (the next step; we will discuss tomorrow)
2. PARALYSIS (are you picking up on what I’m throwing down here? do not settle, life is too short)

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