New to running, cycling, swimming or triathlon? New to my site? I’m glad you’re here! My blog posts are written for brand new athletes, accomplished competitors and elites/career professionals. You certainly don’t have to read it all, but here are my guidelines for each audience:

Brand New Athlete: you have just begun your first official exercise plan. You have probably bought your first pair of running shoes or bike or goggles and could have a short race planned in the near future. Your race distance of choice: 5K road race, 500 to 1,000 yard swims, 25 mile cycling races. (Sprinters)

Competitor: you have a year or 2 of racing under your belt. You have seen improvement in both your physical and mental well-being since you first started. Your race distance of choice: 10k to Half-Marathon road races, 1 to 2 mile swims, 50 to 75 mile cycling races. (Olympians)

Elite: you are learning the strategies of racing. You have built up a solid base of endurance and consistently finish within the top 5 positions in your age group at each race. Your race distance of choice: Marathon road race, 2 + mile swims, 100 + mile cycling races. (Ironman)

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