Silver Oak and cycling



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Red wine and cycling…2 necessities of life!

Let’s start with a few amazing qualities of each:

Red wine is beneficial to the heart, it is sociable, pairs well with fine food and can be enjoyed without refrigeration!

Cycling is much easier on the body than other endurance sports like running. It is fast and daring, challenging and exhilarating!

I took this picture last winter while my wife and I were traveling in wine country. For the record, this is our favorite place in the entire world! If you have ever had a glass of Silver Oak, you know the real meaning of quality. We were treated to a tasting and a tour of the facility. It was a world class experience and I highly recommend that you find the time to visit. We returned to the tasting room and were greeted by mountains of merchandise. It was when I stumbled upon this jersey that I gathered the inspiration for this post.

Who in their right mind would mix wine tasting with cycling? The more I thought about it, the more ridiculous it sounded. I know it sounds a bit crazy because I do love BOTH!

When it comes to Ironman training and racing, focus and concentration are essential. I could not imagine interrupting a training ride for a taste of red wine nor interrupting a wine tasting with a bike ride. The 2 are amazing in their own right, but mixed together are a recipe for disaster. I understand that Silver Oak Vineyards in Sonoma County, CA is simply trying to sell merchandise, but I wish I had never EVER seen this jersey!



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