Shoe Shopping…heck no, CROSS-TRAINING!

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

Believe me when I say that shoe shopping is certainly no walk in the park!!!

This past weekend, I was daring enough to accompany my bride on afternoon shoe shopping spree! You know what they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

I took this video after 3 requests my wife made for “may I try a different size!” I’m not judging here, even in the slightest BUT I was worn out after the one hour we spent looking at countless pairs of shoes. Now, this is just me…can you imagine the poor sales guy?? There is no doubt in my mind that he got a workout just moving back and forth from the stock room.

The best news is that we found not 1 (BUT 2) pair of shoes that caught my wife’s fancy. It was a win-win, but it certainly was a workout!

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