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Today is part 6 of a 10 part series, “10 Ways to Conquer Your Comfort Zone.”

Comfort zones are highly individualistic. You may find a certain routine perfectly normal, even inviting where I can view it as preposterous. For some reason I feel the need to sweat as soon as I wake up which leads me to my training even before breakfast. This is a comfort zone that I have developed within the last 8 years and I cannot imagine straying from it. This is not to say that there are not other ideal times throughout the day to exercise, but like I said to begin…comfort zones are specific to personality type. Sadly though there are “comfort zones” that lead to harm both physically and emotionally and these are situations that need to be shared. Isolation is convenient for all types of inappropriate activities but once they are brought to light, it is much harder to continue on the destructive path.

Sharing is essential for both support and accountability. Let’s say that you struggle with meeting new people and regularly choose the comfort of your home at night over going out with new friends. Perhaps you are shy or even socially anxious. It is perfectly ok to not be ok at the beginning of this journey, BUT ITS NOT OK TO STAY THAT WAY. You cannot do it on your own, if you could it would not be an issue in the first place. Sharing your discomfort in the context of new surroundings is a great way to open up. You probably have at least one friend who thrives in the unknown and who takes pride in being the life of the party. Approach this friend and share your current anxiety by explaining your routine. Once you share your apprehension there is a strong chance that your close friends can overcompensate for your shyness. In the early stages you can simply transform your confidence to their confidence and rely on their ability to connect. Soon, you will have newer friends with whom to converse on new topics. Eventually, you will find something fascinating about these new people and it won’t be long until you find yourself opening up.

Share it and see how comfortable your new situation can be!