R = “Resilience”

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Part 17 of a 26 part series.

RESILIENCE ROCKS…I absolutely love this word!

Resilience rejoices in the face of rejection and revels in the chance to try again.

This week I had 2 incredible opportunities to ramp up my resilience. I had a bad cycling accident, in which I flew head over handlebars and landed on my right shoulder. I woke up in the back of an ambulance and was told that I had suffered a concussion. After 4 hours of tests, the doctors could find nothing wrong with my brain..THANK GOODNESS. The bad news is that I missed the USAT National Championships in Milwaukee, but the good news is I was back on my indoor trainer the next day! I will recover the race this season and resilience is my ticket.
Then, while traveling on business my car was broken into and my briefcase stolen. My rear driver’s side window was shattered and my laptop computer with iPad was stolen. My heart sank, primarily because the draft of my manuscript now halfway finished was on my laptop. After filing a police report, insurance claim and a trip to the Apple store, I am happy to say that I am fully restored. An inconvenience yes, but a reason to quit altogether….HECK NO!

PLANS DO NOT ALWAYS GO (well….according to plan!) The important thing is for you to expect it and respond accordingly. Getting to your destination in a roundabout way is certainly not fun, but it is most definitely required if you ever hope to build resilience…

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