Quit or Commit?


The world is full of quitters. Either consciously or subconsciously I’ll bet you noticed this detestable word many times in the last week. Why do people quit? Why do people ask “why” rather than “why not?” Why is does quitting feel so easy? At this point in your journey, you have wanted to quit. Resist the urge, because I assure that it takes the same energy to quit as it does to commit (or re-commit.)

The problem with quitting is that it is tied to feeling. Feelings are completely and totally unreliable. In any given day you will experience a variety of feelings that are based entirely on circumstances. You cannot control what happens to you, BUT you can control your reaction.

Let me bring context to this rationale. You control the alarm clock and therefore the hour at which you awake. You control the movements of your day. Oh and as a side note, I would encourage you to choose wisely. Studies say that our willpower is strongest in the first part of the day. You cannot control your feelings 100% of the time. You can wake up and feel like staying in bed; or you can wake up, put on your running shoes and head out the door.

It is your responsibility to stick to your exercise plan. Why would you quit now? Think about the progress you have made and the new habits you have formed. A re-commitment to your focus simply means one more day in the gym. To break your new routine at this point might actually be more difficult. You decide for yourself, but I think you’ll find that it takes the same amount of energy to quit as it does to re-commit.

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