Put an “un” on the front of it!

Today’s post is part 8 of a 10 part series: “10 Ways to Conquer Your Comfort Zone.”

What do wool sweaters, tight pants and shoes that are too small have in common? The answer is the subject of today’s post…UNCOMFORTABLE! As we continue to discuss strategies for overcoming the comfort zones in life, why not take what is normally comfortable and make it uncomfortable? Seems easy enough, right? Unfortunately not, or else we would take to this naturally…

So how do you “un” something? An activity or a habit that has taken up residence in your everyday life. How do you even begin to introduce an “un” into something that is so nice and predictable? Behavior change does not begin with action, but with belief. If you have ever successfully changed anything in life, you first had to reshape the way you thought about it.

Okay, so today lets “un” the activity of texting while driving. How might you make an otherwise captivating exercise unappealing? We all struggle with it at some point or another. There it sits, our electronic device begging to be held and interacted with. We begin to think of all the people that need to hear from us immediately and the urge to text becomes overwhelming. We completely lose perspective and act is if that single moment has the capacity to reshape the trajectory of the rest of our lives. Rather than realizing what is going on around us, we are sucked in by our cell phones and selfishly pursue our misplaced priorities. What could you do to change the way you looked at your cell phone during your morning commute to ensure that you would be less likely to pick it up while driving?

Let me see…you could remove the tint from your windows to ensure full disclosure with your fellow commuters. You could place your cell phone in the trunk to eliminate even the possibility of sending a text message. You could buy a book on CD and listen to it as a distraction. These are just examples of how to introduce an “un” into just one comfort zone.

I hope that you can make application into your own personal comfort zones.