Pursue with Fierce Abandon

Potential is meaningless unless you move into the 2nd step on this journey. Which is simply pursuing your potential.

So, officially step 2 is Pursuit.

What is one thing you can do today that can close that gap between where you are and where you want to be, notice how I said 1 thing – well I’m deadly serious – 1 thing and only 1 thing today. And if you are fortunate enough to have the blessing of tomorrow, well do the next thing and the next thing and so on and so forth. Eventually your combination of your simple short steps is going to have you advancing closer and closer to your potential where that gap becomes less and less and all the while your confidence grows. Now your not so far away from your potential as what you originally started out and your overall increase in confidence is going to lead to more action.

And action is the name of the game! Your potential identified in your brain is like a buried treasure with no key, unless you start to take steps towards living that potential through the second step which we are now talking about, you will make it to the end of your life with your loved one’s saying “Gosh, he had so much potential.” But the combination of small daily, even hourly or weekly pursuits is going to ultimately take you to the place where you want to be, which is living your potential.

Now while we are talking about Pursuit, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that there could be some stumbling blocks along the way. Afterall we can’t predict…all we can do is plan.