Purpose is Found Beyond “What’s in it for Me?”

I was blown away by the profound truth of Andy Stanley in his Resolutions series. I was listening to part 2 of his sermon series this past week while on the Stepmill at the gym. As he uttered these words I found a smile growing on my face…

If you have been following my writing for any length of time you know that Purpose is my platform. I have recently completed my first manuscript on this very subject and hope to launch by June. I am passionate about helping other people find their purpose. Andy Stanley is the best communicator in the country as far as I’m concerned. The fact that he would chose to address this topic has only affirmed my conviction in the value of purpose.

Here’s the thing though…your purpose is not about you! Success comes when you seek to invest yourself rather than protect yourself. It is human nature to preserve our lives. We avoid risk, buy life insurance, wear seatbelts, etc. We value comfort and routine above all else and seek to live our lives “inside the lines.” We construct comfort zones which gives us our identities and self worth. In doing so we insulate ourselves from the very people, places and causes that need our “purpose” the very most.

So, as we bring the first month of 2015 to a close I would ask that you consider the following: