Problem #7: Comparison

Today’s post is part 7 of a 10 part series: 10 Problems with Perfect

Are you content with the way your life is going?

On a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the best), how high would you rate your overall satisfaction?

Do you like your job, the car you drive and the social scene you are currently engaged in? How about your appearance, are you ok with it?

I hope you answered “10” and a resounding “yes” to the questions above because that would mean you have NO issues whatsoever with the concept of today’s post.

COMPARISON IS THE OPPOSITE OF CONTENTMENT and the world in which we live is one big popularity contest. Have you considered the fact that you can gain immediate feedback on whatever it is you chose to do and compare to?

How about your last vacation, where did you go? Did you post photos to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. How many total likes did you get? Let that sink in as you start to contemplate my point. Now, which friends in your feed also took a vacation and made sure to post photos exactly as you did. What were your thoughts as you viewed those photos? Be honest!

Social media leads us directly into the comparison trap. We compare others highlight reels to our own behind-the-scenes. We will never be content in life until we stop comparing.

Before we ever began our pursuit of perfection, we never took the time to define what “enough” was. We can enjoy our success, accomplishment, victory that is until we become aware of someone else’s success, accomplishment or victory.

Comparison is absolutely devastating yet so very natural of the human race. If we can remember that the majority of the world lives on less than $2 per day, perhaps we can start to allow ourselves to feel content?

You were created for a purpose that is completely unique, BUT so was everyone else in this world. You be you and try not to worry about me…Your contentment is counting on it!