Problem #4: Identity Crisis

Today’s post is part 4 of a 10 part series: 10 Problems with Perfect

I’m smart, no I’m not….I just missed a turn and by so doing added 30 minutes to our trip.
I’m popular, no I’m not….I just caused our entire group to miss our dinner reservation because I had an allergic reaction.
I’m confident, wait a minute….was that really the best answer to give in my presentation to the Board of Directors?
I’m witty, but maybe not…I had no clue what she was hinting at when she appeared so disengaged.
I’m a good spouse, gosh I can’t ever seem to get things right. I missed our anniversary again…

Maybe you can relate to one of these scenarios, but maybe not. Whether or not I hit on something that you have personally struggled with in the past, I urge you to focus on your purpose and not your reputation.

Your reputation is who you want the world to believe you are.
Your purpose is who you really are…another label for this is your character.

Life is too short to be unsure of what you were put on this earth to accomplish. Maybe your athletic and your purpose is to perform in the arena. Perhaps you are academic and you were place is in the classroom teaching others what you have been fortunate enough to learn and retain. Then again, your purpose could be artistic and your gifting comes in entertaining others with your voice or your attention to detail or the way you dance.

Here’s a path to your purpose that I encourage you to begin (after all, today is the first day of the rest of your life and its time to stop wandering who you really are.)

  • Potential (the difference between where you are now and where you would like to be.)
  • Pursuit (the FIRST thing you can do to close the gap.)
  • Pain (the result of your first attempt to move; anticipate it as there is no way around it.)
  • Perseverance (decide ahead of time that you are going to continue in the face of pain.)
  • Passion (this is when you start to pick up on your calling and your pursuit becomes fun.)
  • Purpose (welcome to your final destination and LIVE OUT LOUD WITH A SMILE!)

You were created for a purpose and you are the ONLY one on the face of the earth that can do it…GET MOVING!

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