Problem #1: Paralysis

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Today’s post is part 1 of a 10 part series: 10 Problems with Perfection

Finish this sentence please:

“If it can’t be perfect ____________________.”

There are only 2 categories of potential responses here. Either you will answer that it cannot be done at all or you will say “so what.” I hope with all my heart that you fall into category #2!

I think we all know intuitively that perfection is impossible, but do our actions reflect our beliefs? Let that sink in for a moment as the truth of the matter can be quite sobering. The “so what” mentality takes action. The “so what” mind does not allow imperfection to intrude on production. “So what” says “perfect is for fairy tales and once upon a time.” The “so what” thinker is an achiever; sometime he wins and sometimes he learns BUT HE ALWAYS TRIES.

Are you holding onto something right now because you feel its not perfect? Just think, you could be robbing the world of your genius all because it wasn’t good enough for you. If you think of perfection from this perspective it really does shift the emphasis inward. You don’t have the luxury of determining how the world sees your lack of perfection. You do however, have the responsibility to share the wonderful mind that you were created with. Chances are if you are interested and devoted, your imperfect plan that currently exists only in your mind could revolutionize the world, or not BUT….

You will never know until you surrender your pursuit of perfection and take action anyway. I’m dying to see what you have in mind, but I (nor anyone else) will ever know until you get out of your own way. Do not let paralysis overtake you. You can do it, so what if its not perfect!

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