Press Play on Purpose!

It’s the day after Christmas! How’d it go?

Shall we get on with the rest of the year? I certainly hope so, after all we have a little over a week until 2015 arrives. Rather than roll over and count 2014 complete, may I issue one more challenge for the remaining days of this year?


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Let me give you an example from my own life. After walking through the Purpose Process (the one that I have outlined in this last blog series) more times than I can count, I have arrived at my purpose. I believe in my heart that God put me on this planet for encouragement. After staring death in the face and nearly succumbing to it, I am incredibly aware of the need for and power of inspiration.

Do you recall the post about your personal mission statement? Did you record your’s and are you reviewing it on a regular basis? The purpose for my existence from here on out is to encourage and inspire others to see change as a blessing and not a burden.

So, how do I plan to play out my purpose in this last week of 2014? I am writing this post from my parents’ home in Florida and have the great fortune of sharing the next several days with my family. So, I have taken the time to reflect on the things that are most important to these family members. Heck, why don’t I just share so you can see my strategy:

Wife: preparing for a critical keynote presentation to a dietetics association on January 17th

Dad: currently involved in an expansion project at work

Mom: actively engaged in growing her boutique clothing business

Sister: organizing and decorating the new house that she and her husband built last month

Brother-in-law: loves golf and is working very hard to lower his handicap

First of all, I know these things because I care. I know these things because I have made the effort to ask and remember. I am aware of the value of insight when it comes to encouragement!

So, being that this is the case and each of my family members are focused on the above areas…THIS IS HOW I WILL PRESS PLAY ON MY PURPOSE OF ENCOURAGEMENT:

Wife: provide verbal affirmation early and often!

Mom: offer to create a promotional video on her business and post to my social media platforms.

Dad: share with him my key relationships in the investment management business, of which he is expanding into.

Sister: take her a framed photo of the house that I personally took while visiting a couple weeks ago!

Brother-in-law: play golf with him this week and build him up in any way I can.