Today’s post is part 2 of a 10 part series, “10 Surrender Strategies

Ok, so you’re lying in bed but you know its time to get up. You have a smile on your face and are relaxed. Now, I promised a sequential solution for surrender and I intend on delivering just that! So now what, the day awaits and you know you have to get moving! Now its time to pray…

You have no idea what’s in store for the day ahead. For that matter, you don’t even know if its raining outside! No worries whatsoever as long as you can acknowledge your need for guidance. You see, you were created for a purpose but you did not create yourself. Your life up to this point has been “perfectly planned” by someone MUCH bigger than you. The author and creator of life desires to speak with you because He loves you. It is HIS power that will allow you to rise from bed, take a shower, eat breakfast (or exercise) and get on with your day.

Prayer is the way in which we thank God for the grace to live another day. He knows better than anyone (even yourself) that you will not live this day in a perfect way. Prayer is your power for accessing the strength you need to make it through another day. Prayer is certainly not limited to your bed first thing in the morning but it does lead to strength, endurance, tenacity, focus, determination to do what is so unnatural for us all….SURRENDER.

Oh and prayer doesn’t need to be articulate or carefully thought out. Prayer is a conversation between you and God and the subject can be whatever you it is you want to talk about. He knows your thoughts before you think. He knows your stress, He knows that you struggle with relaxation and continue to pursue perfection as if its actually possible. Prayer will give you the peace of mind that its perfectly ok to not be ok. You will need strength beyond what you possess to live this day with the ability to surrender. Prayer is your secret weapon, so get on it!