Perseverance Pays

So with pain comes the need to persevere, which naturally is the fourth step on the purpose process.

Perseverance is the successful overcoming of whatever it is that you consider pain to see through it to the other side.

Now we talked about anticipation, if you can actually anticipate that pain ahead of time you automatically give yourself the benefit of a plan, now as I said before, we can not predict what is going to happen today or tomorrow or even a year from now, but we can certainly plan and within that plan we can include pain. Because we know it’s going to happen. We already agreed that perfection is just not possible but we also agreed it doesn’t have to be.

So as we can anticipate this pain, we can identify a plan and when we have a plan we set ourselves up for the successful perseverance again step 4 perseverance of overcoming that pain because on the other side of perseverance and you think about things you value the most of your life at this particular point in time, let me ask you a question, did they come easy, was their sweat, was their blood, was their tears involved in that pursuit, well the things that you value most – I’m confident you persevered through a significant amount of pain to the point where you found your passion.

Passion is the fifth step on the purpose path. Passion, well I think I’m wearing it on my face right this very second, because after my life experience and again this message is not about me, but I overcame death to find my particular passion. So without getting into my details, let’s stay on the path with the purpose process and point you back to the route that is going to lead you to your passion.

Life is too short to live in any other way, but absolutely excited about waking up every single morning and I can confidently tell you that I am. But you know what I make more mistakes than the average person, but I learn from my mistakes, I’m passionate about making mistakes. There really is no thing such as failure unless you stop..