Passion is the Picture of Purpose

Pain is part of life, if you can learn to anticipate to plan to persevere, I’m confident you will find your passion, whether underwater basket weaving, triathlon racing – as in my particular case – or whether it is helping others who are in significant need, your passion is personalized and you and only you can determine what that is, but you must go through the necessary steps to find that passion or else you will never arrive at your destination which is not perfect as we previously agreed but that which is your purpose.

There is only one you on this entire planet, you have no grounds for trying to be like anyone else, after all everyone else is already taken, so you might as well be you and you is your purpose and you is what you will be known for beyond your life. If you had the benefit of living your life from day one today – picking a singular purpose to where you lived out your days be it 80, be it 90, be it even 100 years, how would the world know you.

Would they know you by your passions or would they know you by your pain that you never took the time to plan for hence never persevering or would they know you as a passionate person. See that is my particular goal and I’m well on my way, although I have setbacks, setbacks occur, there are days I don’t always feel passionate but here’s the thing – it’s not about a feeling – passion is a choice, and that choice will lead to your purpose. Because once you have found your passion, you are in the sweet spot, which is your purpose.

My particular purpose is simply encouragement. I’m here today to encourage you that you too can find your purpose.. That you can make the most out of every single thing that happens that doesn’t necessarily go according to plan because it all deals with the way that you see it. Blessings, well they come through setbacks, they come through heartaches. My personal mission is to encourage you to see change as a blessing in disguise.