Pain is Progress

So moving right along to the third step in this journey is simply pain. Think about the many sources of pain in your life, I know there are many of my own which we won’t get into the details, but if you can considered all that might be involved from a negative standpoint considering this crazy world we live in the better off you are going to be because pain is an incredible indicator that you are on the right track.

Think of pain as a positive sign. Because if you do nothing and you continue to visualize and imagine your potential without ever engaging in the pursuit, well it will remain an idea and only an idea. It’s only until you actually take the action that which is called pursuit that you are inevitably going to experience this pain. Well what do you do with the pain – you plan for it. The value of planning the pain ahead of time is that you can actually develop a plan to deal with that pain. If you can anticipate a challenge, a setback or obstacle and you can view those more as opportunities, to see setbacks as set-ups, well it surely makes dealing with pain in the moment a lot easier. To be surprised by pain is an incredible indicator that you are going to give up.

But to be prepared for pain, increases your likelihood that you will successfully overcome and continue to pursue your potential. So, pain is something that absolutely has to be anticipated in order to be involved with the surprise. The surprise is what you want to avoid at all cost. And if you can simply, as you pursue your potential, anticipate potential points of pain, and I know we are getting into a lot of p’s here, but that is on purpose because this message is meant to resonate. Is that pain is only temporary. The quicker you can learn to anticipate it, the quicker you can overcome it and not be deterred by it in any form, shape or fashion.