Move (and do it now!)

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

How do you steer a parked car? I’ll let you in on a little secret…You don’t…You get out, put it in neutral and push until something happens. If you simply take action, SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN.

Have you ever heard the term “paralysis by analysis?” We think and think…then think some more and never take action. I believe that it is often much harder to think about change than it is to actually change. Think about the last time you decided to start a work out plan. You bought new running shoes, tuned up your iPod and joined your local gym. When all the preparation had been done and you were ready to start, you never did (or you did but didn’t stick with it.) Have you ever considered why? I would argue that your thinking about working out actually talked you out of working out. The thought of waking up early, getting out of a warm bed and going to a gym to exert energy was enough to cause you to do nothing. That’s just one example, but could very easily apply to dieting, learning a new language, acquiring a new work-related skill, etc.

There is nothing wrong with thinking before doing, just don’t think too long! We accomplish our goals in life by moving our thoughts into action. Think of the “steering a parked car analogy” and consider this thought….a dream in your heart or idea in your mind is worthless. The world is full of brilliant thinkers but the population of true innovators is much smaller. A car in motion is much easier to steer just like an idea in action is much easier to tweak. Your brilliant idea must be given a chance to grow. Just think, what would our world look like if Steve Jobs never went back to Apple after having been fired 10 years previously. What if Thomas Edison gave up after the 100th failure of his attempt on the light bulb? Your idea does not have to be complete for you to start working it into an action of some sort. Remember, don’t just dream, DO (and then redo if need be!)

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