May I Share?

On Monday I wrote to you about the value of instruction. If you think about it, there is really no new knowledge that exists in the world today. Yes I said it, there is nothing new that has never been pondered before. The greatest minds understand that progress is the result of collective thinking. Progress does not occur without the sharing of knowledge and information. Sharing is the path by which all innovations travel. Sharing is also the outlet for building and sustaining community. You are my community and I feel an attachment to this space.


I am vulnerable and you understand my strengths and weaknesses. It is in this spirit that we have been able to create an authentic online relationship. You are familiar with the theme of my platform and consistently send me positive feedback on the topics I chose to write about. I have no reason to withhold experience. Why would I keep my passion covered up? Ok, that’s thoughts are now not even an “after-thought” so let me get my sharing on!

On Monday, I had the extreme joy and pleasure to fulfill a dream. On Monday I had the honor of running the 119th Boston Marathon, a feat that I have hoped for now for over 20 years. The day was memorable due to the significance of the event. The weather did not cooperate but hey, sometimes things don’t go according to plan. I crossed the finish line in 3 hours and 5 minutes, hitting my exactly on the nose. It was not my best race as far as finish time is concerned, but it was a win nonetheless. So for the remainder of this post, I wanted to share my race day experience (provided to you here by Timex Sports.)


I hope you enjoy and thank you for allowing me to share BECAUSE I CARE!!