Master Your Mind

We’ve been working through the reality of imperfection these last several weeks. Perfection has never been the point of life yet many of us pursue it as such. This senseless chase at some point or another will end in disappointment. Your value as a human being is not the perfection execution of some particular skill. No, you and I are alive to find our purpose no matter how long it takes. When we find our purpose in life, we can begin to think less of ourselves and more about  helping others by the application of our purpose. Perfection is impossible but purpose is essential.


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I would like to introduce this next series as a mechanism for embracing imperfection. The concept of perfection begins in our minds. Thoughts lead to actions which eventually become steadfast beliefs. The earlier we are able to grasp the concept of imperfection and find true meaning in life despite this reality, the more likely we will find our purpose and lead significant lives. So, with that in mind, beginning on Wednesday with a new installment every other day I would like to discuss mental tactics for thriving in imperfection. It all starts with reality which is shaped by expectation, which affects experience that can lead to excitement or disappointment. As stated earlier, your pursuit of perfection will ultimately end in disappointment. When you redirect your focus from perfection to purpose, you will find true meaning and significance in life.

Get ready, the mental mastermind begins on Wednesday!

1. Reality = “Who Are You Kidding?”

2. Expectation = “What Do You Expect?”

3. Experience = “You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

4. Focus = “It Pays to Pay Attention

5. Significance = “Success vs. Significance