Manufacturing Energy

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Life is hard enough on its own. Life is too short to do anything that you are not PASSIONATE about…

Now, I know that we all have responsibilities and requirements. We have to eat to survive and in order to eat, we have to work. As an aside, I hope that you love what you do but that is not the topic of this post.

There is such a thing as “energy management.” So much attention is given to time management and money management that we often overlook our own personal gas tanks. Are you aware of your most productive hours each day? Do you prefer to train in the morning, during lunch or at night? Chances are your preferences are influenced by your energy reserves.

If you are reading this post, you are probably an athlete and enjoy training and competing in endurance sports. It is absolutely essential that you spend a certain number of hours each week in physical preparation. So, let’s revisit my question…

When do you train? Well, when do you feel the best? I would encourage you to plan your most important workouts during the times periods that you are most energetic. Your workouts are hard enough without the extra pressure required to motivate yourself during a time when you are not “ready to go.”

If you have to manufacture energy at any point during the day, your heart is not in it and the outcome will be less than ideal.

Avoid "the grind"

Avoid “the grind”


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