Know Your Enemy

This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

In his book The Art of War, author Sun Tzu writes…”Know Your Enemy.” He also wrote an equally profound yet less noticed “Win first then go to war.”

What is holding you back in life right now? What mistake do you keep repeating despite your best intentions? Can you picture it? Let me challenge you to go one step further….can you name it?

If you ever hope to move past this great obstacle in your life, you have to know what it is. As Sun Tzu says, there is not war if you cannot identify your enemy. Translation…you cannot begin to correct your path until you know what it is that is holding you back. So let me ask you again, can you identify your hurdle and can you write it down?

There is so much power in the pen! An idea in your mind can become gigantic, particularly when it remains unclear. You may think your enemy is procrastination but the longer you allow it to remain in your head, the bigger it will grow. The way to kill that before it really gets going is to simply write it down.

Now that you have identified your enemy, develop a battle plan and then fight the war that has already been won. GO!



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