It’s Ok to NOT be Ok

The Value of Vulnerability

Who do you think you are? AND WHO IS THAT YOU ARE TRYING TO IMPRESS? Take it from me my friend, you are not perfect but guess what…NEITHER AM I! Can you open your mind (just for a moment) to the freedom of this simple statement:




“Its ok to not be ok.”


I’m not proud to admit that it took me the better part of 25 years to come this understanding. You see, I had a pride problem and it nearly took my life. I am not suggesting that I have overcome my pride and no longer struggle with my need for acceptance and affirmation. I am simply revealing an experience that I sincerely hope you will benefit from…




I was diagnosed with a rare digestive disorder during my early teenage years. The symptoms presented in the form of stomach aches, fever, weight loss, anemia, bone deterioration and frequent trips to the bathroom. My disease robbed me of my teenage and college years. Looking back, I cannot believe how foolish I was. All that was required was a simple surgery, but my pride prevented me from taking that path. My pride fought hard to keep my body “in-tact.” My pride caused me to view my doctors as the enemy.

Finally, my disease led to an emergency and I no longer had the choice of surgery. In the fall of 2006, my large intestine ruptured and I was quickly becoming septic. If I wanted to live, surgery was my only option…

I am fortunate to be able to share this experience because I could have very easily died that day nearly 10 years ago. Pride is a silent killer and will keep you pretending that everything is ok. Pride will cloud your perception of reality and isolate you to the point of bondage. Your case might not be a matter of life and death but I know that you struggle (at least to a certain extent.) All I had to do was listen to my doctors when surgery was first recommended and I could have redeemed my late teenage years and had a fantastic college experience. Sadly, I allowed my pride to prevail and as you now know…IT ALMOST KILLED ME.


You are the only one in the entire world that sees perfection as a possibility. The sad thing is that we (yes, me included) are all in the same boat. So, essentially what we have is a world filled with people chasing perfection. It is not until we realize our own imperfection that we can let down our guards and expose our vulnerability. It is in this moment that we can begin to see the value that lies in “not being ok.”


Remember, “its ok to not be ok!”