Its Friday night!

AID STATION: You will be faced with temptation after temptation on your road to physical fitness. You have already made a significant dent in your new exercise plan. You are feeling better and can already tell a difference. Your training and improved nutrition have you feeling better about your life, BUT TONIGHT YOU HAVE A DECISION TO MAKE!

What is about Friday that causes us to lower your guard? Why are our inhibitions significantly lowered on this day? I can think of many reasons why exercise is not a good idea on Friday…what about you?

These are the feelings of our former selves revisiting us. Not even 1 month ago, we were tucked away in the friendly confines our comfort zones. We were not exercising and not too concerned about our diets. When January 1 rolled around, we “snapped out of our funk” and committed ourselves to change. At this point, we are 3 weeks into our new lifestyles and are feeling quite good.

Allow me to encourage you to not be swayed by Friday night. Tonight is a night like any other, remind yourself of that. No matter how good you were all week, you must resist the urge to revert. Think about the result of your behavior before you engage. You will only make it that much harder on yourself tomorrow…

Sorry to burst your bubble!


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