It Pays to Pay Attention

Today is part 4 of a 5 part series, “Master Your Mind.”

What is top of mind for you at this particular moment? More simply put, what are you focused on? We are entering the holiday season which always adds a multitude of activity! Are you working on a deadline on the job or perhaps teaching your child how to ride a bike? Are you running in a turkey trot tomorrow or are you hosting the big Thanksgiving meal? These are all examples of important and legitimate things that can occupy our focus.

Anyway, I hope I have you thinking? Your focus has the great potential to serve as your compass every day. Your focus will dictate your beliefs about what is truly important which in turn will influence your actions. Let’s stay true to our theme of imperfection and incorporate focus into this mix. There is nothing I can say (and anyone else for that matter) that can convince you to shift your focus away from perfection if you truly believe it is possible. The reason that I am so adamantly trying to make this point is that my own pursuit of perfection nearly cost me my life. You certainly do not have to deal with a near death experience to shift your focus away from perfection and toward purpose.

So let’s mention a few tactics for redirecting your focus to your purpose. Do you love to sing, run or dance? Perhaps your thing is cooking or organizing or bringing people together at regular intervals throughout the month. Your interests are a great thing to focus on. Next, ask yourself what unsolicited feedback you receive from others about your talents. Competence is also a key performance indicator. Chances are if you are both confident and competent it will be much easier to focus.


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