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This post is rated Sprinters, Olympians and Ironman.

What you are looking at is the manifestation of a dream in the automotive industry. Toyota is a title sponsor of the wildly popular Lifetime Fitness Triathlon series. Each year the series makes its rounds to the major cities of North America and draws tens of thousands of Olympic and Sprint distance competitors each season. As you can see, this baby is fully equipped with everything you could dream of for traveling to and from triathlon events. If you’d like to know more, check out the video review here.

So what does your dream look like? It doesn’t necessarily have to be outlandish but it does need to be your own. This past season, I had the chance of realizing one of my dreams when I got to take the first loop of the Ironman Florida run course with Mirinda “Rinny” Carfrae! Notice the title of my post…it DID happen!

Dreams are incredibly positive! Dreams support motivation which leads to consistent training which leads to great results. I ask again, what does your dream look like right now? Resist the temptation to be influenced by others around you. What have you wanted to accomplish since starting your sport? How close have you come? What will it take it make your dream a reality in 2014?

Who in their right mind would have though a 5 gallon shower would be possible in Toyota Rav4? I certainly did not expect to run with Rinny at an Ironman event but I knew I wanted to share the course with a top pro at some. Both mine and Toyota’s dreams became true because we were aware of what they would look like.


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