Today’s post is part 7 of a 10 part series, “10 Surrender Strategies

6 billion




Why would I start this post with such seemingly obscure numbers? The subject of today’s post is based solely on the fact that you are not alone in this world! So here we go…6 billion is the number of people that inhabit planet earth. 20,000 is the number of words spoken by the average female each day. 7,000 is the number of words spoken by the average male each day. 3 is the total number of functions given to conversation (functional, small talk and banter.)

Now, if you have not done so already chances are good that you will interact with at least one person today! So how in the world would interaction be included in this surrender strategy dialogue? First let’s consider the opposite of interaction, that being isolation. When you are isolated for any reason either by choice or otherwise you are alone with your thoughts (and maybe even your words.) Considering the premise of the series in that surrender is a good thing, isolation is the beginning of desolation. You see, pride is a condition we all struggle with. When we isolate ourselves from people, we put ourselves in precarious conditions. When we live for a crowd of one, we tend to become judgmental and develop standards that are unrealistic.

I am confident at some point in your life you have heard the phrase “set in his/her ways.” This is a condition of the human heart that is developed from a state of isolation supported by pride. Is is extremely difficult to live a surrendered and prideful life simultaneously. We are social creatures. We were made for fellowship with friends, family and neighbors. Fellowship leads to open-mindedness and acceptance which pave the way for surrender. Borrowing from content earlier in this series, when we pick our priorities and execute efficiently we can be free to allow our friends to do the same. There are not 2 people on this earth who are exactly alike. So, go find someone new and interact in a way that leads to mutual surrender.