How Does the World See You?

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Have you ever taken a personality test? Meyers-Briggs, DISC, Johnson-O’Conner? Roughly 5 years ago I traveled to Atlanta for my personality profile test. After 4 hours of testing both standardized and interactive, I was scored based on my evaluation of certain criteria. Specifically, I took the John-O’Conner test and was rated high in a category referred to as IDEAPHORIA. As this assessment was explained, I found myself shaking my head in agreement. Those that score high in ideaphoria have the ability to generate a rapid flow of ideas in a short period of time. Once the ideas are assembled and put into use, the mind moves on to the next thing…

As I made the drive home I had time to reflect upon my experience. I had just invested 5 hours of time to better understand how I see the world. After all, my perspective on the world around me serves as the foundation for my personality. 

I guess I never gave much thought to personality testing beyond that singular experience in the spring of 2009. Last week I was listening to a particular podcast where Sally Hogshead was serving as the guest interview. Sally’s words completely rocked my world and most certainly provided the motivation for this post! Sally has just written her latest book rooted in over 10 years of scientific research. The masterpiece resulting, “How the World Sees You” is what has impacted me so tremendously over the last 10 days. Sally makes the argument that it is more valuable for to understand the way in which the world sees you than it is for you to understand the way in which you see the world. Further she adds that the most value you can provide to the world is to become more of yourself. At the end of her podcast interview she shared what she calls “The Fascination Challenge.”

The test takes less than 10 minutes to complete and provides a detailed assessment of you are currently seen by the world around you. It is impossible to make it through life without interaction. We are all human beings and all desire to communicate with other people. When you’re communicating most persuasively and effectively, people perceive you as confident, goal-oriented, and decisive. Anyway, I had a blast with it and so I thought you might like to play around with it as well!